Startup Foundry

Startup Foundry is a team of engineers and entrepreneurs who know how to build startups that transform industries. We love the companies we’ve already built and are excited by the opportunity to build new innovative and sustainable startups. We’re changing the world. Together.

How we work
In our strong and open culture, everybody is expected to be an entrepreneur.

We are passionate about building technology-enabled companies with innovative business models that can transform industries. We don’t have a specific industry focus – our experience helps us to take a deep dive across different industries.

We identify trends and important market opportunities to generate hundreds of ideas from which, every year, we identify 3 to 5 scalable and profitable business models. We research, develop and test those models. Finally, we form teams to transform validated ideas into great businesses.

How we are different
We believe that you can’t outsource the job of turning great ideas into great businesses.

We are real co-founders on projects we pursue. We mentor members of our team to become the future CEOs and CTOs of the companies we build.

We have fun and look to build something amazing together. Although a project team is typically no more than three or four full-time engineers, everyone on the team receives options in any new company we launch. We want everyone on our team to be motivated to help every project succeed.


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