Applications Software Engineer - Full Stack - Python

Company: Savioke
Location: Campbell, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 28.AUG.2021
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Applications Software Engineer - Full Stack - Python As an Applications Software Engineer, you will be a part of the team responsible for th...


Applications Software Engineer - Full Stack - Python As an Applications Software Engineer, you will be a part of the team responsible for the high-level behavior of Savioke's fleet of robots. This includes everything from cloud web applications to high-level robot logic, including the UI and sounds.There is plenty to do in a variety of areas from front-end and back-end web development, working on robot applications layer, including our very own DSL. Or working on the personality and user experience of the robot interactions. Being a generalist and having excitement for getting things done, learning quickly, coming up with creative solutions, and developing efficiently will get you far.You'll be expected to work hard and work smart. No lone-wolfs. We work together and play off each other's strengths and weaknesses to speed up development time. You will be mentored to help you grow your skills and focus your efforts but will be also encouraged to help the team grow and improve processes for improving overall efficiency teamwork is highly valued.The WorkImplementing full-stack database-backed web applications that interact with the robotWorking on new or hardening core robot behaviors and logicImplementing new UI features or improving existing functionalityWriting unit, regression, and/or integration testsWork with Ops & DevOpsTo hand off new features and make the code ready for deploymentHelp with issues requiring application-level updatesPotential to go to sites where robots are deployed and help out with the testing of new features prior to deploymentMinimum Qualifications / Skills4-7 solid years of experience with Python3-7 years of experience with web front-ends (preferably JavaScript/Typescript + React)Bachelor's or equivalent experience in a technical field (including EE, ME, CS, CogSci, robotics)A willingness and excitement to learn quickly and adapt to the requirements of the positionA willingness and ability to move quickly while still producing quality workExperience designing relational databases such as PostgreSQL, MariaDB, etc. MongoDB experience is also a plusExperience with one or more Python web frameworks - Django, Flask, etc. Experience with asyncio preferredNice to HaveExperience with a statically typed language such as C/C++, Java, C#UI/UX experienceROS and/or other robotics experienceExperience with Crossbar, Celery, NumPy, PandasPyQt5 / QML experienceExperience implementing a DSLData science or machine learningDIY experience - 3D printers, etc.Firmware exposure/experience

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