Digital IC Test Engineer (Python, IO Driver, FW Test)

Company: OSI Engineering, Inc.
Location: Irvine, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 04.APR.2021
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Digital IC Test Engineer (Python, IO Driver, FW Test) for major Chip Company in San Jose, CA or Irvine, CA Overview This position involv...


Digital IC Test Engineer (Python, IO Driver, FW Test) for major Chip Company in San Jose, CA or Irvine, CA


This position involves bench testing the digital and some mixed-signal portion of our IC product. The candidate will be responsible executing a bench verification test plan. It involve using python in-house API Test Framework to communicate with the device-under-test (DUT) and automate the test equipment. Therefore, the candidate should be familiar with using lab equipment such as power supply, logic analyzer, relays, function generator, oscilloscope, temperature chamber, etc. to monitor/record the DUT response. Strong bench testing skill with knowledge of digital functions such as microcontroller, interrupt, memory, FIFO, GPIO, etc. are required. Some knowledge of analog/mixed-signal function such as ADC/DAC, amplifier comparators, oscillator, etc., are valuable.


  • Develop/Debug OOP Python test classes to verify the IC's digital functions
  • Develop/Debug and program device IO drivers.
  • Develop/Debug test firmware C codes
  • Develop/Debug IC Python API codes
  • Develop/Debug Lab Python API equipment drivers codes
  • Execute tests (running automated tests) over multiple parts and temperature.
  • Work with a team of various engineers (Firmware, RTL, Test and ATE engineers)
  • Analyze test data for anything out-of-spec or unusual behavior
  • Identify/Resolves bugs from hardware, software, to firmware


  • Have some technical knowledge of various digital functions such microcontroller, interrupt, memory, FIFO, registers, DMA, GPIO, JTAG, SPMI, I2C, UART, SERIAL, etc.
  • Experience with lab test equipment and bench testing is strongly required
  • Knowledge of programming language(s): Python require, some C programming, and understanding of OOP
  • Skills in data analysis and technical reporting
  • Proactive and team oriented player who require a minimum learning curve.
  • Some knowledge of various mixed-signal functions such as comparator, ADC, DAC, low-pass filter, oscillator/PLL, etc.

Keon Paulino



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