Founding Software Engineer - Python, React, AWS - big equity

Company: Bivium Group
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 11.FEB.2021
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Our exclusive client is about to close their seed round, and have an over subscription of investors. The product has been exceedingly well r...


Our exclusive client is about to close their seed round, and have an over subscription of investors. The product has been exceedingly well received and they are looking to immediately add a Founder level Software Engineer.

We're looking for someone who "gets" startups, likes equity and looking to be part of a small company that will be growing aggressively in 2021. You'll end up growing the engineering team in the 2nd half of the year, but for now, it's all hands on deck - coding!

Salary in the 150-165k range + 0.20-0.60% equity - PRE-SEED! If you know startups, you know this is a great time to join before the next up round.


So, come in just ahead of the seed round and going to easily monetize the equity.

So much demand on their product - 2021 going to be a record year.


Up to $150-165kkish with BIG equity. Ideally it's a person making $180-200k but really wants to get this early equity for a slight paycut. 0.2-0.6% equity play. At the top end of equity, more "Manager/Architect/Lead" type. The only tech must have is Python… it's all AWS, Postgres etc . Might be switching over to React. Full stack with a front-end lean as other Founding Engineer is more back-end. Stack listed below in the "formal description"


Building & Iterating in Code: You want to move fast and are comfortable with lots of trial and error. We are in an exciting, fast-paced build mode, so you want to generate, prototype, and iterate on ideas as we expand our product offering.

Our stack includes Bootstrap/Vue on the front-end with React possibly in the mix soon, Python/Flask for all the business logic, and Postgres/RDS for data storage. Additionally, we host at AWS leveraging EC2, RDS, SES, and more. You're an experienced pro working across fullstacks at fast-growing modern companies and looking for real ownership and challenge across it all (with a little tilt towards front-end)

Demonstrated Ownership: Ideally, you have 7+ years working in a technical role. While in your role, you have taken initiative on an idea or owned a particular project through to completion.


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