Lead Application Developer - Python

Company: Modis
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 03.SEP.2021


Lead Application Engineer / Python Discipline In order to further cultivate our engineering culture, we are assembling a team of expert eng...


Lead Application Engineer / Python Discipline

In order to further cultivate our engineering culture, we are assembling a team of expert engineers to transform the way our company creates its software. As a member of this team, you will partner with engineering teams across the company and help them improve their approach to developing and testing software. This is a challenging role, but it presents a unique opportunity to be an agent of cultural and technological change, and to have an impact on the entire company development community.

About our team:

We are a team of multi-skilled software engineers who are passionate about all aspects of the software engineering and testing. We are particularly fond of the "Shift Left" disciplines and practices, such as unit, component and integration testing. One of our main goals is bringing these capabilities to all of the our engineering teams.

About the role:

This role is that of an expert in writing clean and testable python-based code, constructing valuable unit tests, and implementing our code quality standards and practices. By being embedded within application engineering teams, this individual will get to perform some hands-on feature development, as well as contribute to efforts to develop a grassroots movement for sharing best practices around writing unit tests as well as testable code throughout the company. They leave the teams they work with much happier and better equipped to deliver higher quality software.

General milestones:

Within the first month, begin learning and contributing to the project codebase to which you are assigned. Become an active individual contributor to the overall project using GitLab for source code control, GitLab CI for continuous integration/continuous delivery and Docker/AWS/Kubernetes for deployment. Handle minor bug fixes, develop features that support the project, and begin writing testable code with appropriate tests in place.

Within two months, full integration into the project where you are capable of developing features and demonstrate your ability to write highly testable code with all appropriate tests completed. Engage with other SDETs as well as project stakeholders to define and maintain the project's backlog and begin to take ownership of all aspects of the project's SDLC.

Within three months, become a driving force in all aspects of the assigned project and begin to contribute to the overall goals of the SDET organization. Increased ownership of areas of the project and working with senior staff, as well as senior leadership, to deliver effective and efficient solutions by setting reasonable and achievable goals.

Bring Your Best!

This role requires:
• Proven results of delivering while working within an application engineering team.
• Ability to take initiative and work with minimal supervision. We value autonomy here and want you to be the type that thrives in that environment.
• Excellent communication skills and ability to build partnerships across the company

Education / Professional Experience:
• Bachelor's degree or Associate's Degree and comparable experience in Computer Science or a related field.
• Professional experience using python and python-based modules (Flask, Django, FastAPI, Pandas, SQLalchemy or other ORM) and modern source code control technologies like git or subversion.
• Experience working within python PEP8 standard.
• Proficiencies in python modules used to connect to databases (psycopg2, pyodbc, etc) and demonstrated ability to utilize these modules within a containerized environment (docker)
• Familiarity with python's boto3 module to connect and interact with AWS services.
• Strong understanding of python testing modules (Unittest, pytest, etc)
• Knowledge and understanding of python GIL (knowing when and how to use threading/multiprocessing processes)

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