Python AWS Developer (Information Technology)

Company: Cognizant
Location: Dallas, Texas, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 16.FEB.2021
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Python AWS Developer (Information Technology)Python along with AWS Lambda experience Python experience would be to develop APIs. AWS Lambda ...


Python AWS Developer (Information Technology)Python along with AWS Lambda experience Python experience would be to develop APIs. AWS Lambda Experience supporting AWS infrastructure directly working with server less Lambda API gateways Cognito supporting ML model deployments and bonus if you have worked on block chain technology and/or in HIPAA or regulatory compliant ecosystems Key Interact with internal stakeholders to understand and scope requirements make high level technical decisions and implement solutions that meet internal and external stakeholders needs Create design documents perform hands on coding using JavaNodeJSPython and resolve technical issues through debugging research and investigation Highly motivated with experience with JavaNodeJSPython based micro services backend and AngularJS based frontends Has managed full application stacks from the OS through custom applications using Amazon cloud based computing environments MUST have significant experience building and deploying applications on AWS Clouds ecosystems Experience with AWS Lambda Glue Athena and StepfunctionsCloud infrastructure configuration and optimization Network management and security for cloud environments eg AWS Automated deployments and source code configuration management tools architecture and design of systems to become cloud native eg AWS Lambda Relational Database administration using SQL and configuration knowledge for the MySQL engine Dev Environment Mgmt Agile Scrum Sprints Technical Skills SNo Primary Skill Proficiency Level * Rqrd./Dsrd. 1 AWS Lambda PL3 Desired 2 3NF data modeling PL3 Desired 3 Python PL3 Required 4 PL/SQL PL3 Desired * Proficiency Legends Proficiency Level Generic Reference PL1 The associate has basic awareness and comprehension of the skill and is in the process of acquiring this skill through various channels. PL2 The associate possesses working knowledge of the skill, and can actively and independently apply this skill in engagements and projects. PL3 The associate has comprehensive, in-depth and specialized knowledge of the skill. She / he has extensively demonstrated successful application of the skill in engagements or projects. PL4 The associate can function as a subject matter expert for this skill. The associate is capable of analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing solutions using the skill.

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