Python Developer

Company: Hometap Equity Partners
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 11.JUN.2021
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Hometap has an ambitious mission to make homeownership less stressful and more accessible. Our vision is to make the idea of bringing on an ...


Hometap has an ambitious mission to make homeownership less stressful and more accessible. Our vision is to make the idea of bringing on an investor for your home as ubiquitous as borrowing to finance a home is today. We also aspire to build a long lasting durable financial-technology company that becomes a hallmark of the Boston economy. We are passionately building a business and industry that is homeowner-centric and empowers current and prospective homeowners to access their home's equity, free of debt. Our first product allows a homeowner to tap into the built-in value of their home in order to do the big-ticket stuff that makes life better: start a business, renovate their home, get out from under crippling debt, pay for college tuition or help family members in times of need. Today, Hometap makes investments in residential homes, buying a small equity stake against the home's future value. For homeowners, this is a simplified, sensible alternative to mortgage debt and monthly payments. For investors, this is a new asset class, allowing them to participate in the multi-trillion-dollar residential real estate market without the obligations and downsides of homeownership. This product is scaling rapidly and we have begun our plans to expand our platform to support numerous other products over time, complex data science-driven pricing, and investment structure permutations. Our solution leverages advanced data and analytics as we create best-in-class experiences for our homeowners, business and asset capital partners. In 2020, we have over $100 million from asset investors to make this vision a reality. We'd like to invite you to join us on our journey.Who you areAs a Python Developer at Hometap, you will help define and deliver a world class homeowner and investor experience. You are someone who is mission driven, motivated to deliver results, and passionate about quality. This is a small tech team - you'll build important parts of what we offer to homeowners across the country. You are excited to build, ship and iterate on the software you create. At Hometap, you'll have the opportunity to:Work on homegrown tools essential to operations across the entire organizationBuild and ship software used to process hundreds of millions of dollars Build and ship software used to meet our mission of making homeownership less stressful and more accessible by giving homeowners access to liquidity currently locked in their homesResponsibly and securely treat, store and handle sensitive informationSupply and report on key analytics at a highly data-driven companyModernize a huge and lucrative industry which has been slow to updatePerform dozens of integrations with both internal and external tools including Salesforce, HouseCanary, Segment, Experian, and many more What you'll bring:3+ years of professional experience with PythonExperience with Python-based frameworks (Django preferred)Experience with ORMsExperience with testing frameworksExperience with cloud services (AWS preferred)Competency with revision control systems (Git preferred)Bonus PointsExperience working on products requiring a high level of securitySQL skillsOur Team & CultureAt Hometap, we pride ourselves on being Owners of our jobs, our output, our careers and Good Neighbors we believe helping each other means helping the company, homeowners, and investors succeed. Equally important to your skill set is what you bring to our team and business. We are looking for a creative thinker who looks for opportunities within challenges, rolls up their sleeves to get things done, values collaboration and communication, and embraces the Homeowner-first mentality. Critical to our mission is being thoughtful in everything we build. If you're someone who embraces this builder mentality, you'll be right at home here.

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