Python Developer/Data Scientist

Company: Collabera Inc.
Location: Akron, Ohio, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 08.APR.2021


Privately held project company in downtown Akron that continues to grow is looking to add to their Data Science team. In this hybrid positio...


Privately held project company in downtown Akron that continues to grow is looking to add to their Data Science team. In this hybrid position, you are part Data Scientist (40%) and part Software Engineer (60%). You will support data analysis and software development that will make the aviation space safer. Your work is highly technical and results in innovated analysis techniques with results presented in visualizations intuitive to users. You use a combination of off-the-shelf and custom-built tools for exploratory data analysis and then develop production systems using the developed logic and reports. You leverage high-performance libraries that interface with structured (time-series), semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Job Responsibilities: Create complete data analysis solutions for end-user needs. Author software to solve data science problems in aviation. Identify trends and explain anomalies using data science at scale. Apply a variety of techniques to analyze heterogeneous data sources. Leverage data aggregation, statistical analysis, and data mining algorithms. Apply efficient data storage and access schemes. Interpret and validate results for data-driven decision support. Perform key roles in design, development, and implementation. Provide technical leadership to software engineers. Collaborate with engineering team to develop solutions. Apply level of experience and judgement to support planning and accomplish goals. Develop scope, cost, and schedule estimates. Support and educate customers in the field Interact with customers to gather requirements and communicate scope, cost, & schedule.

Required and/or Preferred Qualifications (education, experience, licenses, skills) MUST BE A U.S. CITIZEN

Preference is to be local to the Akron Ohio area but if you are not, relocation to the area will be provided for this role must be in Akron, no remote. During COVID, everyone is still working remote but as COVID restrictions start to lift this role will be a hybrid role with in office a few days a week and work remote a few days a week.

Minimum of bachelor's degree or equivalent with a strong background in mathematics and programming

Demonstrated capacity for leadership, collaboration, and independent initiative

3-5 years' experience developing enterprise software and data-driven applications

Proficiency with Python 3 development Proficiency with Python Data Science stack (Pandas, SciPy, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, etc. Proficiency in Data Science fundamentals (preprocessing, feature engineering, regression, etc.)

Experience applying Machine Learning techniques to real-world problems Experience visualizing and effectively communicating analysis results

Preferred: Master's degree or PhD in computer science, applied math, or engineering Experience developing production-level software solutions integrating multiple technologies

Experience developing advanced Data Science solutions (performance assessment, sentiment analysis, etc.)

Experience with processing platforms and tools at scale (Hadoop including Spark 2, Dask, etc.)

Experience with a variety of data management tools (graph databases, HDF5, Parquet, etc.)

Experience with interactive visualization frameworks (Altair, d3js, Vega-Lite, Bokeh, etc.) Experience with JavaScript for client-side web development (Node.js, React, etc.)

Experience with structured software practices (object-oriented, test-driven development, Agile, etc.)

Domain knowledge in military aviation desired, especially related to analytics

Salary and Benefits Salary commensurate with experience Competitive benefits Up to 25% travel

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