Python software Engineer

Company: Emids Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Location: New York, New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 04.MAY.2021


emids is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions to the healthcare industry, serving payers, providers, life sciences, and te...


emids is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions to the healthcare industry, serving payers, providers, life sciences, and technology firms. Headquartered in Nashville, emids helps bridge critical gaps in providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare by providing digital transformation services, custom application development, data engineering, business intelligence solutions, and specialized consulting services to all parts of the healthcare ecosystem. With nearly 2,500 professionals globally, emids leverages strong domain expertise in healthcare-specific platforms, regulations, and standards to provide tailored, cutting-edge solutions and services to its clients. Project Overview: Provider Integration Optimization Standardize and build accelerate integration of inbound Provider integrations from PM's to aid in Patient identification. Inbound data feed ingestion and data quality checking, Scale and Optimize Role Overview: A Software Engineer - Data develops systems to manage data flow throughout infrastructure. This involves all elements of data engineering, such as ingestion, transformation, and distribution of data. Primary Responsibilities Engineer scalable, reliable, and performant systems to manage data Work with engineers from across the organization Build quality systems while expanding offerings to dependent teams Implement observability in the form of metrics, logging, and monitoring Consume data from any source, such a flat files, streaming systems, or RESTful APIs Collaborate closely with team members, including a Product Manager Must have skills: Prior work with cloud-based systems, Use of RESTful APIs, Used metrics and logging, Use relational databases, Knowledge of SQL, Strong communication skills, AWS - Amazon Web Services, Go or Python, SQL Here at Emids we're not scared of differences. It's how we break new ground. As we scale and elevate the experience of our clients in the Healthcare & LifeSciences Space and ultimately have an impact on every patient from every walk of life, the team we build must be reflective of the diversity that we serve. Together, we've built and will continue to grow, a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone has a seat at the table and the space to be their most authentic self. Emids believes in being an Equal Opportunity Employer and we support, celebrate, and cherish all the things that make our teammates who they are.

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