Senior Engineer / Python Developer with Django

Company: Mutual Mobile
Location: Not Specified, Pennsylvania, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 08.APR.2021
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Mutual Mobile is a world-leading agency in mobile and emerging technology innovation, and we are looking for an accomplished and capable Pyt...


Mutual Mobile is a world-leading agency in mobile and emerging technology innovation, and we are looking for an accomplished and capable Python engineer to join our team! We have built our success through timely bets on emerging technology and rapid execution of targeted marketing campaigns and skills development. This approach has resulted in a list of premier clients that come to us to build innovative experiences using emerging technology (Nike, Google, GM, Nestle, UnderArmour). We've seen this happen with iOS, Android, Wearables, and IoT. We continue to evolve - it's in our DNA - we stay at the forefront of innovation. Now, in 2020, we stand at the foot of a massive transition in emerging technology with the growth of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Voice, Bots, and more. We are ready to embrace these changes and to help our clients make the most of the opportunities they bring.At Mutual Mobile, Engineers are highly-capable, experienced producers of high-quality, extensible code. They know the ins-and-outs of their field, apply that knowledge to solve the most challenging problems, and pass along that knowledge to the next generation through mentorship. Improve the structure, quality, and extensibility of codebases Implement tools and best practices Create reusable libraries and frameworks Act as subject matter expert and contribute to the server center of excellence Accurately estimate the level of effort. Discover and evaluate new tools and technology partner RequirementsWe expect Engineers to: Be highly-capable experts in at least one technology. Build breadth across multiple tech stacks Write high-quality, extensible, testable code. Participate in planning activities and provide accurate story estimates Conduct code reviews and act as a role model on the team Proactively breakdown work, identify risks, and explore solutions. Engineers have experience: Building backend in Python Strong knowledge of the Django and Flask Framework Knowledge of PostgreSQL and MongoDB Experience in Redis or Memcached Designing APIs consumed by mobile or web applications Employing strong TDD and performance optimization strategies Architecting and deploying applications for AWS Provisioning DevOps tooling and continuous integration Building high-performance, scalable cloud applications Shipping fault-tolerant, highly-available systems in production Good knowledge of authentication, authorization, and security technologies. Preferred experience includes: Building server applications using several different open-source stacks Using BaaS providers like Firebase or Heroku Familiarity with modern front-end development such as React or Angular Using containerisation systems like Docker or Kubernetes Integrating third-party systems: CRM, CMS, shopping carts, and payments Broad architectural knowledge and experience: serverless, microservices, traditional server-based (monolithic) services System monitoring and security design and implementation BenefitsWhy work for Mutual Mobile? We make great products. We craft beautiful mobile interfaces and solve complex software challenges. Clients such as HEB, Google,, Citi, Nike, and Under Armour come to us for our deep experience in mobile and emerging technology - from establishing a mobile strategy that provides impactful business value to building those solutions from the ground up. We bring together the brightest minds in interactive & visual design, engineering, and business management to deliver solutions that matter.You'll love working here because this isn't a company of silos. Team members are empowered and encouraged to pursue cool ideas, think for themselves, and make mistakes. If your passion extends beyond the role, we'll invite your views and assistance with improving our culture, systems, and processes. We know you're smart and that you love learning new technologiesso you'll be able to work on a variety of projects with many different types of people.

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