Senior Python/Django Web Developer

Company: Mess
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 26.JUL.2021


We're a small digital design and development agency that makes apps, websites, and other fun stuff in the West Town area. You can view some ...


We're a small digital design and development agency that makes apps, websites, and other fun stuff in the West Town area. You can view some of what we do at .

We're looking to grow our small but mighty development team. You'll get to work on range of projects, for a great list of clients as well as some of our own homegrown products and services.

You'll be working with our creative team to concept, create and perfect the things we make for our clients, building responsive, emotive, interactive web sites and apps.

Skills & requirements

We're looking for a close-to-full-stack developer to add to our development team. You can either be the type of person who obsesses about the front-end work, or obsesses about the backend, so long as, when necessary, you can dive into the other side of the pool.

You absolutely must have experience with Python and Django. Multiple years of experience. You have to have built applications in Python, and in Django, and have opinions on the best way to do that.

Day to day, we build lots of one-off content management systems for projects, as well as crazy things that have to connect to our custom platforms. You'll be the person building most of these, as well as helping us architect the reusable bits we use project-to-project.

We're a project shop, so you should probably enjoy jumping around on different things, and getting a fresh start every few weeks. This is definitely not a position for people who love to focus on making one thing awesome, but for people who enjoy the challenges of making lots of things pretty awesome, and who like to evolve their toolset and approaches over time.

Really, the "ideal" candidate only needs to a handful of things:

  1. HTML
  2. SASS / CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Vue.js, or React (but we use Vue.js)
  5. Python
  6. Django

Additionally, you should be interested in Kubernetes, and continuous delivery, since that's how we roll at Mess.

Finally, we're really focusing on people who have had previous experience working in an agency, or at least a few years of day-in, day-out freelance projects. We'll consider everyone, regardless of experience, but your chances are gonna be way, way, way higher if you didn't just finish a bootcamp last month where you built one Rails app.

About Mess

We may be a bit biased, but it's a great place to work. We strive to keep a semblance of work/life balance. We offer all the basics benefits wise (health, dental, 401k, a vast assortment of snacks, work from home, etc.).

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