Social Network Analysis (SNA) / Python Consultancy

Company: Root Change
Location: Washington, Washington DC, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 06.APR.2021


About UsRoot Change is a development laboratory, testing new ideas and leveraging learning to advocate for far-reaching change within the de...


About UsRoot Change is a development laboratory, testing new ideas and leveraging learning to advocate for far-reaching change within the development sector. We believe that traditional approaches to development have failed to address the systemic causes of poverty, injustice, and vulnerability in the world. That is why we design programs, technologies, and interactive experiences that help people, organizations, and communities build better futures for themselves. Our daily work is focused on putting more power in the hands of local actors, developing the capacity of systemsmade up of civil society, government, and citizensto work together more effectively, and creating adaptive approaches that are responsive to ever-changing environments.In 2018, we designed and launched a web-based platform called Pando that is grounded in social network analysis. Pando helps organizations improve their impact by making it possible to identify diverse organizations within a system in real-time and instanstanly visualize this information as a network map. Data filters and analysis tools help users uncover key actors and network structures. Users can come back at any time and update their relationships and see how the network map changes overtime. The platform also allows users to send anonymous feedback surveys to organizations in network maps and analyze feedback data alongside network data.SNA/Python ConsultancyRoot Change is seeking one person or a team of people to lead the buildout of advanced analytics to support network analysis on Pando and to enhance user experience and retention on the site. For the scope of this contract, the consultant will be tasked with creating fully functional, automated analytics that provide organized data outputs and visualizations with little effort other than importing data in the correct format.While currently separate from the site, the analytics and visualization capabilities process Pando data and will be fully integrated with the Pando platform in the future. This is an exciting opportunity for graduate students or someone who is interested in learning more about software development while also practicing existing skills of automated analysis and visualization of social network analysis data using Python coding language. We strongly believe in listening to our users and adapting tools and analytics based on their needs. All tools created must be accessible and understandable by our users and by our team. We are a non-technical team that has experience working with developers and product development. You will also be supported by a part-time full-stack software developer, who would help to ensure the final product will be compatible with Pando in the future.Your RoleUnderstanding the needs of our users , including insights they hope to gain from their data and how best to achieve thatExecuting agile sprints and working with our team to clearly define scopes, timelines and priorities for the productContributing to UI design based on user feedback and existing Pando websiteCooperating with our developer to integrate and manage data exchange and ensure that data processing is aligned between data analytics and the Pando siteCreating and maintaining coding and dashboard documentationBeing responsible for timely delivery of products and data analysis needsProviding weekly updates to Root Change Product Development Team via Slack and participate in team meetings/calls when neededManaging input and feedback from numerous team members, including communicating across technical and non-technical audiencesYour BackgroundProgramming foundation in Python 3 requiredComfort working in Jupyter Notebook or a similar coding applicationWork experience in automating social network analysis metrics and data processing through code strongly preferredExperience with MongoDB preferredAssertive problem diagnosis and creative problem solving skillsStrong organizational skills to juggle multiple tasks within time constraints and manage deadlinesAbility to collaborate with teammates who are not technical experts in software developmentAbility to thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly and master diverse web technologies and techniquesOur ValuesEach employee is expected to embody Root Changes core values as a representative of the institution.Embrace Root Changes mission and core values, including belief that:All people have a right to participate in decisions affecting their livesGender and racial equity is mandatory for social transformationLocal development actors should drive the development agenda in their own countriesDiversity in background, race, gender, and age strengthens our capacity to be wise managers of public and private fundsPosition Duration & CompensationThis is an hourly position that we estimate to be about 15 hours a week for 6 weeks. Pay will be $20-$30/hour based on experience. We are looking for someone who can be available online and participate in team calls during 9am-5pm EST at least 2 days a week. The preferred start date is March 29, 2021.

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