Software Engineer (Typescript, Ruby, Python)

Company: Inspire Recruitment Inc.
Location: Austin, Texas, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 27.MAR.2021
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Our Austin, TX based client is growing aggressively and is excited to hire talented Software Engineers to join their team. This company is a...


Our Austin, TX based client is growing aggressively and is excited to hire talented Software Engineers to join their team. This company is a well known Austin success story that has a great reputation, looks after their people, and has employees that genuinely love the company. There is a preference to hire in Austin, TX but they will consider a 100% remote hire.

As a Software Engineer on the Platform Engineering team, you will be working on mission-critical projects that will improve the customer experience. Internally the team has a reputation that is second to none and is made up of mostly senior engineers who are low drama and low ego. They encourage people to ask questions and believe more communication is better. There is a hyper-focus on code quality first and they insist on high test coverage for all services they write. Someone who is passionate about the craft of code will fit in well. With that said, their DNA is from a startup background and leadership is protective of engineers to have space to do the right things in balancing quality with shipping quickly.

Their Tech Stack is Serverless First and Typescript First but they also work with Python as well as Ruby. Their best engineers are Polyglots and they are interested in folks who have curiosity and competence in whatever topics you happen to be passionate about.


  • Solve customer problems based on high-level requirements provided by product management.
  • Deliver iterative improvements weekly to ensure the product is constantly improving.
  • Development of high quality, maintainable REST Services in Ruby on Rails, Typescript, and Python in a Serverless First and Typescript First environment.
  • Understand customer problems and ensure solutions meet those needs.
  • Review code of other team members to ensure consistent quality across the codebase.
  • Periodically solve bug reports coming through support to ensure our product is stable and usable.
  • Maintain our libraries and upgrade them periodically to ensure a stable and maintainable software base.
  • Deploy code weekly to production to keep up with business needs.


  • Solid Back End REST / API engineering experience in a language like Ruby, Typescript, Python, C#, or other languages. Polyglots welcome.
  • Product development background - Ability to take vague requirements, do the necessary research to validate the questions, and drive development independently.
  • Analyze codebase to find root causes of errors and fix bugs as needed
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