Sr. Microservices Developer - Python/GO

Company: Computer Enterprises, Inc.
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 08.APR.2021
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Senior Microservices Developer (Python-Golang) Location: Philadelphia, PA 19103 ***Open to Remote*** Job Summary: Our team crafts and bu...


Senior Microservices Developer (Python-Golang)

Location: Philadelphia, PA 19103

***Open to Remote***

Job Summary:

Our team crafts and builds highly performant software, data, and analytics solutions, low latency microservices, and operates application platforms that provide AI powered intelligence to various enterprise consumer platforms both on-prem and in the cloud. Reliability and performance at this scale requires craftsmanship and sophistication.

We are looking for an engineer who loves to code, understands technical requirements, collaborates on solutions, listens to users, and delivers technology solutions in a high velocity, dynamic, "always on" environment. Aside from software development in a fast-paced environment, performance tuning, platform optimizations, and automation is our passion. Our team values inclusiveness, collaboration, personal growth, and fun.

We are looking for engineers who truly enjoy coding and work hard to hone their craft.


  • Design & Develop dynamic, scalable data driven web applications and Web Services in AWS Cloud using Python and/or Golang programming language(s)
  • Write unit tests improve code coverage reports and enforce test cases in code reviews
  • Understand the time and space complexities when writing code and make consistent effort to make it better
  • Work with developers and automation engineers to contribute to and optimize regression test suite
  • Adhere to development standards set forth and feel empowered to recommend new standards and best practices
  • Work with onsite and offshore leaders and peers to understand business requirements and develop solutions in a fast paced agile environment
  • Constantly optimize existing micro services for higher performance by identifying bottlenecks and latencies
  • Maintain service inventory and technical documentation up to date


  • 8+ Years of experience developing/architecting dynamic, scalable data driven web applications and Web Services in AWS Cloud with Python and/or Golang programming language(s)
  • We are looking for someone who has proven practical experience in AWS cloud usage for large enterprise applications
  • Is a problem solver and has practical experience with microservices architectures and understands the basics of SOA
  • Must have experience with deploying at scale various containerized web and data applications and services using technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, EKS, ECS, Fargate, Lambda, CloudWatch, CloudTrail etc.
  • Identifying various network components and systems to optimize on latency and throughput
  • Possess expert level understanding of AWS networking fundamentals and architecture patterns suitable for various enterprise use cases
  • Extensive experience required in automated container deployments, auto scaling, basic security practices
  • Integrating various AWS services using asynchronous, pub-sub and event driven/serverless modelling
  • Experience developing and maintaining various enterprise applications in the cloud and possess knowledge of multi-account security and governance practices
  • Web Application Security Practices, Authentication Mechanisms, Data Security in transit and at rest.
  • Experience with CICD processes in on-premise and AWS environments
  • Proficient in AWS CLI, Linux, Command Line, Shell Scripting, Web Server Administration and good hand installing software on Linux Platform.
  • Designing and implementing low latency APIs in the Cloud.
  • Cloud platform monitoring, scaling, diagnosis, maintenance and expansion.
  • Ability to debug, locate traces and manage production incidents in a shorter timeframe
  • Proficiency in Authentication mechanisms.
  • Caching mechanisms, Static Content Delivery Mechanisms, Performance Tuning enterprise applications in the cloud.
  • Cost management and designing cost aware solutions in the cloud.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience with migrating on-premise applications and systems to AWS.
  • Experience with automation and configuration tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible etc.
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